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Lawn Maintenance


Residential & Commercial
Mowing. Edging. Aeration. Leaf Removal.

It’s hard to match the beauty of a perfectly manicured lawn when it comes to curb appeal for your home or business. Your lawn is a living system that needs professional care to look its best. This involves regular maintenance with the best practices. Mowing different patterns each week keeps grass looking sharp and healthy. Proper edging and aeration should be carried out on a consistent and timely schedule to maximize your lawn’s beauty and health.

Why Professional Lawn Care? 

It takes time and resources to maximize your lawn’s beauty. Most people are simply too busy to keep up with lawn care best practices. Optimal lawn mowing involves more than just pushing a mower over grass. A professional lawn care company can read your lawn and identify what it needs and what patterns should be cut. They can remedy bare spots, keep weeds at bay, and stop problems before they happen.  

Lawn Aeration

A lawn that can’t breathe can’t reach its full potential. Proper aeration is critical to the vitality and beauty of your lawn. Aeration controls thatch and reduces soil compaction. Lawn thatch is a layer of dead organic matter that keeps your lawn from getting nutrients and proper water absorption. If the soil is compacted grass will struggle to thrive and watering will be less effective.

Scalping is when a mower is lowered to remove dormant grass and promote new growth. We recommend scalping in early spring to jump start your lawn for the year.

Core aeration is done to break up compacted soil so water and nutrients can reach the root zone of your lawn. Your yard should be professionally aerated annually for optimal results.

Lawn Edging

Edging is probably the most neglected task when it comes to home lawn care. Most people believe the job is done after they turn off the mower. Lawn edging is essential for landscaping health and a must to achieve a clean and manicured appearance.

  • Provide a root barrier to prevent the lawn from entering flowerbeds
  • Acts as a visual barrier
  • Create maximum curb appeal 

Leaf Removal

Is your lawn always covered with leaves? Aside from not looking great, it doesn’t do your lawn any favors. Leaves that are left covering your grass will lead to excessive moisture build up. The excess moisture can cause fungus growth and rot, both of which can completely destroy your lawn.

Your lawn is a living breathing system and leaves can smother your grass and ultimately kill it. We can remove all the leaves from your lawn, flowerbeds, decks, patios, roofs, and gutters. Save your lawn and your back!