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8100 Highway 107

Sherwood, AR  72120


Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm

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Residential & Commercial
Sod. Plants. Lighting. Walkways. Walls.

A well-landscaped home or business is the foundation for exceptional curb appeal. Your landscape is the first thing any visitor sees when entering a property. When your landscaping is tidy and well maintained it sends a message that can’t be ignored. And it’s hard to top the feeling of arriving home to a beautifully landscaped home after a long day at work.  Make sure your property always looks its best by working with Little Rock Arkansas’ most professional and trusted landscapers. 

Sod Installation

Ready to install your dream lawn? Forget throwing seed and hoping it germinates perfectly and beats the weeds. Professional sod installation ensures a perfect lawn that will last for a lifetime. Whether you have a small area you want to beautify with grass or an entire yard, we offer different varieties of sod that will perform on your unique property. 

Plants and Flowers

Thinking about highlighting your home or business with some foliage? Few things breathe life into an outdoor space like the right plant. We can help you choose the right plants and flowers for your unique landscape design. We source the plants ourselves to ensure health, and plant them in custom beds to give them the best chance for a long and healthy life.

Tree and Shrub Planting

A good tree or shrub can last generations. Whether you want a mature tree, bush, or hedge, we make sure to start them off in optimal conditions to ensure a lifetime of beauty and health. If you’re just looking to add a few small bushes to your yard or transform a large property with a stand of fruit trees, we can help.


Adding mulch to your plant beds protects your soil and dramatically enhances the curb appeal of your property while helping to retain moisture during summer heat spells. In the winter, mulch adds a layer of insulation to help protect cold-sensitive plants.    


Hedge Trimming

Proper pruning and hedge trimming not only enhances the beauty of your landscape, but it protects and maintains the health of your trees and shrubs. It also opens up the canopy so your lawn and smaller plants can receive the sunlight they need to stay healthy and vibrant. Let us maintain your trees and shrubs with proper trimming and maximize your landscape beauty potential.

Landscape Lighting

Bring your outdoor space to life with landscape lighting. Professionally installed and maintained outdoor lighting systems can be designed to highlight focal points and give you and your guests the ability to safely navigate your property after sunset.

Walkways & Walls

Adding a walkway or retaining wall adds functionality and beauty to your property. Beautiful stone walkways protect your landscaping and keep your patios and other areas mud free. Retaining walls help with erosion control and can be highlighted with flower and plant beds to add new dimensions and character to your landscape.

Irrigation & Drainage

There’s no need to drag hoses around your property. Whether you need to water your lawn, garden, or flower beds, an irrigation system is a must. Proper irrigation saves time, money, and your back! We can install sprinkler systems and drip irrigation that run on automated timers. If you have an area on your property where water is building up, we can install French drains or underground holding tanks to get proper drainage on your property.

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